Demo It Deconstructions - Licenced Asbestos Removal Professionals

The removal and disposal of asbestos is a specialist service that should not be undertaken by unqualified and unskilled persons.
The professional team at Demo It are fully trained and licensed for the removal and disposal of all bonded asbestos related materials.

Demo It – Procedures and Practices:

Fully accredited and nationally recognised training and licenced meeting the Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Demo It Deconstructions can organise all your Asbestos Removal requirements from the initial planning, obtaining permits, registrations, site preparation, removal of Asbestos performed in the safest manner and a strict policy and procedure that ensures each site is recorded within our registrar.

Demo It Deconstructions follows strict site guidelines for the preparation, removal, packaging, transportation and disposal stages throughout the service.

Planning the logistics required when removing the product from the property including access and parking, structural condition, risk assessment, the notification of neighbours, date planning and lodgements of applications.

Preparation begins with our professional preparations of the site, erecting boundaries and perimeters, warning signs, laying of plastic drop sheets, spraying asbestos sheets (non toxic) and assessing and eliminating all the possible hazards that may arise during removal.

Removal begins only after the planning and preparation stages are complete. Sheets of fibro are removed using techniques and procedures which meet the high standards of Demo It’s Policies and Practices from extensive experience. The site area is cleaned using an industrial HEPA filter vacuum, wet wipe system or spray system. After removal it is wrapped in thick heavy duty plastic or bagged in proper, specially marked “Asbestos” storage bags, loaded onto our trucks or in our skip bins, sealed, covered with a tarp and secured before being transported to an EPA approved tipping station licensed to accept asbestos.

Job Registrar entered into our asbestos register system and copies of tipping receipts are stored as proof of proper disposal.

Our team at Demo It use proven professional systems and procedures, as required by Work Cover specifications and “Code of Practice for Safe Removal of Asbestos”

Removal and disposal of asbestos is a specialist service, call us at Demo It Deconstruction on 1800 DEMO IT

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